First step:


Call for a confidential phone assessment. If you are deemed appropriate, a medical appointment is set. You fly into San Diego International Airport or Phoenix International Airport, where you are picked up by a Registered Nurse and whisked away to the physician's office. Costs of air travel and hotel are paid for by the client.

Next step:


You are stabilized on medications, in the case of opiate addiction, that medication is Suboxone, for other drugs or alcohol, a medical detox regimen is initiated and you are seen on a regular basis at a hotel of your choosing. The detox is completed in 5-14 days and you return home with the monkey off your back. If you are addicted to opiates, then once stabilized on Suboxone, you are sent home with a sufficient supply of Suboxone and other adjunct medications, along with a detox medication schedule with ongoing 24/7 phone support from a Registered Nurse who specializes in addiction treatment.