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Alcohol detoxification (alcohol detox) and drug detoxification (drug detox) are the first steps on the path to recovery for alcoholism and drug abuse. The goal of Home Detox is to safely cleanse the body of alcohol and drugs while medically reducing withdrawal symptoms for the utmost patient comfort in your own home with you sleeping in your own bed.

At half the cost of inpatient detox, Home Detox offers an affordable alternative to inpatient treatment and for opiate detox, you can continue working while undergoing a slow but steady Suboxone taper. After detoxification, you may choose to participate in drug rehabilitation (drug rehab) and/or alcohol rehabilitation (alcohol rehab). The professionals at Home Detox can provide resources for referrals to ongoing recovery programs. contact us for information on our safe and effective detox treatment programs, including referral advice for after-detox drug and alcohol rehab programs.


Step One:

Call 1-800-55-DETOX (33869) for a Confidential Phone Screening.


Step Two:

You are seen by a licensed physician where a history and physical is performed and blood work and needed lab work is obtained.


Step Three:

Your detox is started immediately with medications dispensed right in the physician's office. No prescriptions that you pay for, no delays in treatment. The nurse who will follow you meets you right in the physician's office and then meets you back at your home to set up your detox meds and develop your individualized treatment plan.


Step Four:

A registered nurse continues to see you in your home on a regular basis, assessing your physical and emotional status on each visit, setting up your detox medications, and teaching you about addiction and relapse prevention. The nurses counsel both the client and family members about the disease process and encourage family involvement in the recovery process.Detox is typically completed within five (5) to thirty (30) days, depending on the type of detox undertaken and the type of substance being abused.