"I was really scared at first... I'd heard terrible things about alcohol withdrawal and while I knew I had to stop drinking... I kept putting it off. Well, your staff made it very easy to quit and I'm finally getting my life back in order..."

- David K., San Diego, CA

"You and your staff should be commended for developing this excellent program. My withdrawal was easy. I was in the comfort of my own home and my family was right by my side. And, most important, this was so affordable that I couldn't make any excuses for putting it off."

- Susan M., Escondido, CA

"As you already know, this disease is a killer and relapse is common. I had been through detox before at Betty Ford and The MacDonald Center, but nothing compared to detox at home. For the first time, I had to face my family when I was feeling my worst. I now have over 2 years sobriety and I honestly believe that getting my family involved in my recovery is what made the difference. Thank you Home Detox."

- Raymond R., Chula Vista, CA