Benzodiazepine dependency falls into two types:


Low dose dependency-Low dose dependency is typically seen in patients who have taken benzodiazepines as prescribed for a long period of time, typically one to two years or more.


High dose dependency is often associated with abuse of other drugs. These individuals take the benzodiazepine drugs on an irregular basis but typically take doses 5-10 times the normal dose. Other individuals may take the prescribed dosage but at greatly increased frequencies, typically 7 to 10 times daily, believing that they are taking it to relieve anxiety.

The withdrawal symptoms you may experience vary significantly depending of which substance you have been using. The onset of these symptoms also vary widely as well. Benzo withdrawal symptoms may not appear for three to four hours or may be delayed up to eight hours. Regardless of how long it takes for the onset of symptoms, the symptoms will almost always get worse and may not reach the peak of their severity for three to five days and last for two-three weeks. Additionally, there is a significant risk for seizures after the abrupt cessation of any benzodiazepine medication.

Withdrawal Symptoms: Shakes (Tremors), Anorexia, Muscle Cramps, Insomnia, Agitation, Decreased Appetite, Feelings of Confusion, Elevated Blood Pressure, Convulsions, Headaches.